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Code of Conduct and Ethical Practice

As representatives of Catholic Charities Central Texas, a member agency of Catholic Charities USA, all staff agree to the following code of ethics.

  • All policies, programs and practices support the sanctity and dignity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death; the value and integrity of the human person; the sacredness of the union of man and woman in marriage; the value of people's social relationships to one another and to community and the central role of the family in human life and in society.

  • We will reach out to help those who are suffering and will adopt, in the allocation of limited resources, a preference for serving the neediest and the most vulnerable members of the community.

  • We acknowledge and support the right of all people to seek and pursue their own life goals, within the limits of the common good, whereby they can freely enter into participation with others in order to fulfill their common human potential and contribute to the building of a more humane community.

  • We will identify ourselves to the pluralistic community as a means by which the Church community seeks to fulfill its social mission.

  • We will seek full support and participation of the people of God through representation on policy-making boards of directors, social ministry efforts and through the involvement of volunteers in the programs of the agency.

  • We will collaborate with other individuals, groups and social agencies on issues, policies and programs which are compatible with a Christian value system, in the interest of achieving the fullest measure of charity and justice.

  • In all policies, procedures and practices we will be faithful to biblical values and to the social and moral teachings of the Church.

  • We will function faithfully within the mission and structures of the diocese with proper respect for the Bishop of Austin and in compliance with the teaching of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church regarding Faith and Morals.

  • We will seek to realize in action the virtues of charity and justice in all relationships, with staff, volunteers, the people served and the larger community.

  • We will recognize confidentiality as a living principle within the agency and establish policies and procedures to assure protection of the privacy of the relationships established with our clients and other relevant bodies.

  • We will hold ourselves fully, consistently and publicly accountable for our program and fiscal operations and seek objective certification that we meet those standards of quality in performance.

  • We seek cooperation between public and voluntary agencies and hold government responsible for programs essential for the general welfare.

  • We will conduct our business in compliance with professional codes of ethics and perform our duties according to the standards of conduct for the respective positions.

  • Catholic Charities USA has developed a Code of Ethics document that reaffirms and expands many of the principles outlined above, and that serves as a broad guide to the organizational behavior of the staff and the agency in carrying out the Catholic Charities mission.  The Board of Directors of Catholic Charities of Central Texas has adopted the Catholic Charities USA Code of Ethics as the code of ethics for the local agency, its staff and stakeholders.  All staff and stakeholders are expected to adhere to the Catholic Charities USA Code of Ethics as agents of the local organization.