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Financial Stability - Brazos Valley Office

Catholic Charities Financial Stability program in the Brazos Valley office helps residents experiencing a financial hardship, such as an unexpected out of pocket expense or a significant loss of income, with emergency utility assistance. Please visit our office on Mondays and Thursdays to apply for assistance.


  1. Must be experiencing a financial crisis that puts utility services at risk.
  2. Qualifying financial hardship must be recent (within the last 45 days of requesting utility assistance).
  3. Must be a resident of Brazos County (College Station/Bryan) or Robertson County (Calvert/Hearne).
  4. Must gather all documentation required to determine eligibility before enrolling as an applicant in the program.
  5. Financial assistance is limited and dependent on the availability of funds. Financial assistance will vary from one individual/household to another and is not guaranteed.

* Utility assistance is only available once every twelve months per household.

How to Apply

  1. Complete Catholic Charities application. Applications can be completed by downloading the application here or copies of the applications are available in our office.
  2. Required documentation:
    1. Last 60 days proof of gross income for ALL adult household members (check stubs, Social Security award letter for current year, unemployment, workers comp, alimony, retirement benefits, child support, etc.)
    2. Award letters of government issued benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, CHIPS
    3. One government issued identification for ALL adult household members (driver's license, military ID, State ID, etc.)
    4. Lease showing ALL household members
    5. Past due utility bill
    6. Proof of qualifying financial hardship
  3. On Mondays or Thursdays, bring the completed application and required documentation to Catholic Charities Financial Stability Program- Brazos Valley Office. We are located at 1410 Cavitt Ave, Bryan, TX 77801. (We do not receive or review applications submitted by mail, fax, or email).

What to Expect From Your Visit

  • You will submit completed application and all required documentation.
  • Our staff will review your application and provide information about your eligibility to the program. (*Assistance is provided on a first come first serve basis, please anticipate to be in our office a minimum of 30 minutes before someone can meet with you).
  • If documentation is missing or additional information is needed, you will be asked to bring additional documentation to our offices.